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> Lituanicon, What a coincidence! :-]
iesūtīt 12.05.2005 18:41
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Pievienojās: 31.01.05

Absolutely accidentally, I learned that Lithuanians and Latvians are holding similar events at the same time. I am talking about the "convents" of "the fantastic people". Lituanicon 2005 will be held on 20-22 May. Nimue suggested posting something about it. So, the wepage is here: http://lituanicon.ktu.edu/lt/indexlt.php, though it is in Lithuanian, I'm afraid... I've been in Lituanicon only once in my life, and that was last year, when we even organized two tolkienian events: Most Hobbittishy Hairy Feet Contest and Tolkienist Quiz. This year we (I mean we from the Lithuanian tolkienists' forums) are not organizing anything, mostly because the Con will take place in Kaunas and the last year organizers live in Vilnius. But we have submitted an article to the Con News bullettin.

Personally I still don't know if I am going to this year's con, but it seems that they have lots of interesting things on the programme.

Eh, why am I posting this? Maybe to share our Con experiences? Might be. Of course it is improbable that someone will come by to Kaunas next weekend smile.gif
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