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> Mytofest - the celebration of an ancient world, Admins, please move this thread to where it should be, thx!
iesūtīt 15.06.2006 22:34
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To all with interest in myth and legend,
song and story of days of yore,
crafts of war and of the skilful hand!

Mytofest – The Celebration of an Ancient World
July 28. – 30.
At Kassinurme Hills

Mytofest, ’tis a whole world of old with its king and warriors, elves and dwarves, craftsmen and musicians. There is a fair and a feast to be held, not without tests of might nor joyful dance and song.

Mytofest is a unique chance to be a part of time, when elves and men had not yet grown apart, when one could run into wizards and dwarves on the road, and when those more wise could even speak to bird and beast. This is the time that as song and story has come down to us in great epics.

Many musicians whose creation finds its source in mythology and tales of old will perform at Mytofest, such as Auli, Raudants, Inferno, Battlelore, Paddys, Musica Silentii, The Hobbit-friends.

Courses, tutorials and trainings
Can try one’s hand at making jewellery and objects of everyday-life as they were of old, gain knowledge on how to manage in the wilderness, learn archery and swordmanship and song-making, re-discover the charm of old dances.

The seminar
Wise words of times gone by and of mythology shall be quoth by Enn Kasak, Tõnno Jonuks, Kärt Summatavet, Einar Laigna and Mare Kõiva.

Tests of might and tournaments
Sword-fighting and archery, spear-throwing and hand-wrestling can be spectated and taken part in, also.

Should the stomach start to complain, there will be on fires roasting pork and mutton and tasty meats many more, stewed by recipes old.

A fair of artisans will take place as well.

Come all, who appreciate the times gone by and the world of yore, good music, fine mead and a steak well cooked!


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