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Kurbijkurne forums _ 2012.–2013. gada sezonas _ LARP Ruins of the Creators - The Warlord Cometh

Iesūtīja: Dinaer ; laiks: 19.02.2013 12:29

Šogad Jūnijā sadarbībā ar somiem, Latvijā notiks postapokaliptiskā spēle Ruins of the Creators - The Warlord Cometh

Ruins of the Creators : The Warlord Cometh

Some say it has been centuries since the World ended. Firepillars, blazing like Million Suns, rising from the Stone Fortresses of the Old Ones. The Untold War between the creators of Tech and their slaves, both Man and Machine. Some say it has only been thirty years or fifty years or mere hundred years and that the oldest among the tribes that now walk the Land can still see the World That Was in their dreams. No one knows the truth. And the little that is remembered is slowly being erased from the minds by Time. No one knows why Goddess Europa fell or why the Star-Eagle stopped flying to Her aid. So many Gods and Goddesses amongst the Old Ones are only a whisper now. So many Creators are gone forever. The Past is Forgotten. The Future is Unseen.

The Now is more pressing matter. The Tribes are scattered in the Great Vast, connected only by the rare Traders who continue their endless routes from one Fort to another, travelling hordes of Pilgrims who seek the great relics of the Creators and speak their strange language of Aikean. And then there are the Warmongers. Legions, companies, brigades, squadrons and flotillas of armed warriors ready to fight the Tribes and each other. Some offer protection in exchange for goods and food, some offer to leave the Tribes alone for similar offerings. And then there is The Warlord, worse of them all. The one who let's loose his Dogs of War at merest whim and seeks to enslave all the Land once protected by Goddess Europa and The Star-Eagle. Some choose to oppose him, some choose to run or hide; it is all the same. He is the King of Now.

And the King of Now is coming for you.

State of Technology : Higher than year 2013 technology exists. But it is rare. Any technology that won't survive a nuclear holocaust is rare. Any technology that won't survive a nuclear holocaust and decades of bad repair by amauters is really rare. Guns, ammo, that kind of stuff; those are more common; sometimes caches of almost brand new items are still found and when millions of soldiers died, they left millions of bullets. And some ammunition factories are kind of operational; many small ones were protected from the nukes. Gasoline? Very rare. Some methane and methanol/ethanol powered cars and whatnots (mostly makeshift or really really old, the ones you can repair yourself) are still running. Bows and arrows, swords and axes, they go hand in hand with the firearms.

State of People : There are some settlements, few of them exceeding hundred people in size, typical ranging from thirty to fifty. Distribution of water, food and in some rare places, electricity, are the main problems. Disease and sanitation are the next biggest issues. Some settlements are totally new, built from scratch by using whatever is available; old trucks, tires, sandbags, bricks (old and new), scavenged parts from old apartment buildings, raw timber, hides. Some are built on older foundations; old houses, community centers, prisons, factories – anything that can sustain a population is used. And some people, they just drift around like nomads.

Most people tend to view a ”tribe” as a basic unit. It usually consists of one settlement. Some tribes have few smaller settlements and a main base, some places like big ruined cities from the ages past have several tribes living in them.

Outside of the typical tribes are the Traders, who live on the road. They travel from tribe to tribe, gathering resources as they go, selling and buying goods and services. Some Trader groups might consist of only small family and few hired guns, the biggest ones operate several trucks and/or wagons and dozens of pack animals. Many wealthy traders also have professionals with them; doctors, mechanics, electricians, smiths, builders, even engineers and teachers. Some are also skilled entertainers; they set up shop, play, sing and dance for their upkeep and trade for the rest.
The second large group are the Pilgrims, who search for Goddess Europa and her technological relics. They are a separate group, speaking their own secret language, Aikean. They travel in the ruins of the Creators, scavenging old artifacts, repairing them and sometimes selling them to outsiders. They always pay well for technology. Some rumors state that the Pilgrims will attack a group that won't trade some precious artifact to them even for extravacant prices.

The third group are the Warmongers. Up to dozen warmonger groups are known to exist. Most of them are nomadic groups, moving from settlement to settlement, taking what they want and leaving. Most travel the same route every year, collecting tribute from the same settlements. Some also do good, like remove smaller marauder bands, other warmongers and mutos from the area. And then there is the Warlord and his Dog of War. They are building an Empire, keeping control over the places they visit, leaving garrisons, recruiting new soldiers from each settlement and punishing those who oppose them.

Smaller groups of different nomads, marauders, scavengers, herders or mutos (mutated men) also exist. The World is vast and the people are few.

Combat Simulation :
Air Soft guns are allowed; the organizers will publish the specs for the allowed equipment soon. This also means that every player will have to use protective masks that can take a air soft hit. Each weapon and each protective mask will be tested before the game by organizers. You can also order protective masks via the gamemasters.

For melee, we will be using foam and latex weaponry. Each piece will be tested and approved by the organizers before the game.

For hand-to-hand, we will use ”slow fighting” with a lot of growling and cursing. If you know your fighting partner or have some time to plan the fight out before hand in offgame discussion, you are allowed to take it harder if both players so want. Organizers do not take responsibility of these kinds of arrangments.

Other simulation :
Technical skills and others will be simulated by solving puzzles. If you find a broken piece of machinery that you wish to use, it will have an offgame letter attached to it, containing several puzzles of between levels 0-3. You choose the one that corresponds to your skill level and after you solve the puzzle, you have fixed the machine.

Intimacy simulation is basicly up to the other party, so if you are trying to make a pass on the character physically, they can instigate their level by a) totally freezing (which instigates STOP) cool.gif responding on the same level as you or acting normal (which instigates this ok, but do not go further) or c) verbally or physically demanding more (which instigates that they are open for further increase in intimacy). Players who feel that they do not wish to be touched more than minimally will be given a black piece of cloth which will be tied to their left wrist. This basicly means no touching without offgame concent. Players who feel that they want to have a higher intimacy level to start with will be given a red piece of cloth which will be tied to their left wrist. This basicly means that you welcome surprising actions by others and are willing to be fondled anywhere OVER your clothes or exposed skin (going under clothing still needs instigation from the target player). The black-red rule and what intimacy simulation really is, will be explained further in the before game brieffing. You are always allowed to remove your own piece of cloth if you so wish, during the game.
IMPORTANT : Laws of Latvia, EU and your own countries still apply in the game.

Which languages I can use to play?
All the character and game information will be given out in English. You can still use Latvian, Finnish, Russian or Swedish/Scandinavian in the game. If there are great amounts of other nationalities in the game, they are also allowed to speak their native languages during the game. You know each supported language as well as you know it in real life.

What and who will I play?
In sign up sheet, you can assign a numbers for different options, 1 being the one you MOST desire for your character and 3 being the one you would still be able to play even if you prefer others over it. You are required to use numbers 1,2 and 3 in the sign up. The organizers will try to put you in one of these factions or contact you if they have something else in mind for you.

After factions, you can specify the things you would like to experience in the gamesetting.

Some factions will have totally pre-written characters, in others you can opt for workshopped characters and it is not impossible to opt to write your own backstory (which must be approved by the gamemasters before the game). You can always choose a pre-written character.

Food :
There will be warm food at the game. 2-3 times a day. It is included in the price.

Accommodation :
Camping, so tents and sleeping bags.

Price :
For Latvians, the price is 10 lats. This will cover everything from ammunition to your air soft weapons, renting of the site and food to your tummies.

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Atvainojos par to, ka visa pieejamā informācija šobrīd ir angļu valodā, ja atradīšu kādu, kuram būs laiks un iespēja visu pārtulkot, tad ,iespējams, informācija rakstiski būs pieejama arī Latviešu valodā. Informācija angļu valodā ir tāpēc, ka spēles organizatori ir somi, un viņi nav pārāk labi pazīstami ar Latviešu valodu.

Šī ir Larpa mājas lapas adrese, kur atrodama arī pieteikšanās forma:

Lai gan informācija šobrīd ir pieejama tikai Angļu valodā, tas nenozīmē, ka tie, kas nemāk Angļu valodu nav gaidīti. Tieši otrādi, priecāšos par katru interesentu ! Tāpēc, ja ir kādi jautājumi vai neskaidrības, vai vēlaties saņemt vispārīgu informāciju Latviešu valodā, var droši rakstīt šeit, vai man privāti smile.gif

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